Rhode Island makes me very happy. I've been dreaming about living here for 30 years.  The beaches, the ponds, the farmlands, the quaintness of South County mixed with the beauty of Newport makes for the prettiest little state in the Union. I attended URI where, among learning many things, I learned how to knit.  After that, I could barely go a day without knitting. 

Natural fibers make me very happy. Especially if it is a local New England product that's sustainable and produced with core values that mirror mine.  

A retired Speech Pathologist and knitting teacher, I am now putting my two "loves" together:  A shop of natural fiber products hand knit from New England wool, named after the areas in Rhode Island that I treasure.

I've always had a mantra that I'd only knit for people who are "knitting-worthy"-- that is, those who appreciate the love and effort put into each stitch of a handcrafted piece.  YOU are knitting-worthy.