Why should I pay so much money for a 401 hat that I can buy cheaper at The Gap or JCrew?
Great question!  Knitting is an extremely slow and expensive hand craft.  401 has chosen to buy its yarn from quince&co. because their values mirror ours: Environmental Responsibility, Slow Fashion and Diversity.  They work with responsibly farmed natural, renewable fibers, and with mills and dye houses that share their values and focus on sustainability. Clothing is meant to be appreciated and the care and effort put forth into 401 Hand Knits' pieces is a "cure to cheap, disposable clothing".  401 Hand Knits is among a community of makers that is diverse through craft, skill and experience. We honor that. We could certainly knit with a less expensive yarn, but we choose to support other makers who share our values.
Where do I choose what color yarn I would like?
Check out the beautiful colors of Osprey yarn from Quinceandco. here.
Which pom pom should I choose?
We stock real pom poms that measure about 7 inches across and come in 3 colors. They not only add style, but softness.
Why do I have to wait 3 weeks to get my hat? (only if it's not in stock)
It takes, on the average, 5 hours to knit a hat.  Add to that winding the yarn, adding the snap, packaging and shipping.  We are only human.
Why does 401 Hand Knits only have one size?
We have ONE SIZE FITS ALL and in general, the circumference of the hats are about 18" while laying flat.  Each hat is about 8-9 inches deep.  If you think a hat may be too big or too small, we may be able to go up or down a needle size while knitting to ensure a better fit.  Shoot us an email and ask!  After all, you are knitting-worthy.
How much is shipping? 
Shipping is a flat rate of $5.95. We are currently researching less expensive options and will let you know if things change.

Can I return my hand knitted masterpiece? 

We want you to be oh-so-happy with your 401 piece.  Let us know if there are any problems and we'll fix it as soon as possible.